“ Cartners”  has been in business since 1952. Industrial machinery, equipment services and you name it, we might have done it. It’s all here - creativity, fresh thinking, common sense and attention to detail. Let us be your design team or, if you've already got one, let us work with them, we're happy to do either.

Industrial machinery drawings, test rigs, prototype development, project management, production support, site survey, safety and environment. If it's in anyway connected with mechanical design then we probably offer it.

Cartners Creativity

We take your brief outline requirement and create feasibility layouts or studies. Then adapt and develop a scheme into a complete set of checked manufacturing drawings. Design calculations will also be documented and checked.

We will also provide a detailing, tracing and design modification service to suit your requirements.

“Cartners” staff have an extensive industrial experience. Our clients get fast, efficient, high-integrity designs from a stable team of experienced professionals, we have designers, detailers, checkers and CAD Operators who work as a team tailored to suit every project. Maximizing our effectiveness and minimizing the clients` cost.

We can solve your problems and have the track record to prove it.

Jobs are never too small or too difficult- if we say we can do it, rest assured we will, and on time! We must satisfy our customers because they come back for more.

  • Quality Assured
    • ISO 9001 Registered Firm
    • We adapt to suit your quality program.

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement
    • Our clients intellectual property is safeguarded and confidentiality ensured.

  • Cost Control
    • The price and scope are agreed at the start and that will be the cost.

  • Personalised
    • Professional people complete your project accurately and reliably.

Quality Assured
ISO 9001 Registered Firm
We adapt to suit your quality program